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English language services and products related to drypoint etching

Nishigawa Kobo is operated by Chris Ryal and Yaemi Shigyo in Fukuoka, Japan

A range of services to help you communicate in English

English language services

Translations from Japanese


Choose this service for an English translation of a Japanese text. Basic and premium services are available for a range of needs.

Translation check

Confirm that your English translation is appropriate and natural, and that there are no mistakes.

Cross check

A phrase-by-phrase comparison of a Japanese source text and its English translation.

Global English services


Correcting and improving writing by native and non-native speakers of English.

Writing and rewriting

Create and improve original English-language content to suit your needs.

Drypoint etching works and original products

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Junishi no Kemono
Yamawaro postcard (front)

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